ORIGIN African continent and adjacent islands .

GENUS The Genus Aloe is a succulent species of plant belonging to the asphodeloaceae family, which was formally liliacea.


Aloes come in a diverse range of forms which include:

Small miniatures a few inches in diameter

Small to large shrubby multi rosetted bushes.

Short single stemmed rossettes a few inches in diameter to well over a meter in diameter.

Tall single and multi branched and rosetted plants ranging about a meter to large trees up to 20 meters tall.


Aloe flowers also come in a range of sizes and shapes from single candle like stems that can reach well over one metre , to multi branched candelabra like displays which fill the garden with incredible colour usually during the cooler months.

Their colours range from white to all shades of pink, red, orange and yellow , with some flowers being bi or even tri coloured!

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